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Innova Star Eagle (Gregg Barsby 2021 Tour Series)

Innova Star Eagle (Gregg Barsby 2021 Tour Series)

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The Innova Swirly Star Gregg Barsby Eagle is a thing of beauty. These Tour Series fairway drivers are available in tons of unique, swirly colors with an incredible eagle stamp! This run of Swirly Star premium plastic Eagles are slightly more stable than traditional Star or Champion plastic, and twice as pretty! All Barsby Eagles are penned at 173g-174g, and are limited to two per household.

The Innova Eagle is an overstable 7 speed fairway driver great for long hyzer shots and forehand fairway drives. The Eagle is similar to Innova's Teebird with the exception of a slight turn and slightly heavier fade. This fairway driver can handle a ton of speed so you don't need to worry about over muscling it like you can with a Teebird. Beginners will find the Eagle useful for forehand shots, but for backhand shots this disc is more suited to intermediate and advanced players. There's a reason many pros use this fairway driver (like Calvin Heimburg) - you can't go wrong with this versatile disc!

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